A $900 billion stimulus package is reportedly days away from passing which would include stimulus relief checks of $600 per person. The long-awaited and bitterly fought over second round of coronavirus relief money from the federal could be here before or just after Christmas.

According to the Washington Post The deal would not only include $600 checks to the people but also approximately an additional $300 a week in jobless benefits as well as up to $330 billion for small business loans and money for vaccine distribution.

Excluded from the deal is money for state and local aid, a priority Democrats had pushed for, and no lawsuit protections, which Republicans wanted. This means for the first time in what feels like forever both sides may have actually compromised. With any luck whatever spirits of Christmas past, present, and future that have visited Congress and the Senate continue to get their message across and the American people will get the help they've been hoping for as soon as possible. $600 is by no means going to right all our wrongs but I think I speak for most of us when I say any help will be welcomed right now.

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