It may seem like a simple drink recipe, but a perfect margarita is an art form.

I am not one to get on board with some of these "National" celebration days. For example, do we really need a "National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day?" It takes place April 2nd by the way, and no. We don't need it!

But when it comes to celebrating the finer things in life, I am all for these National Days of celebration to indulge in those finer things. Like steak, beer, and the magically wonderful and tasty margarita. So let's get ready to celebrate National Margarita Day Thursday, February 22nd.

It is one of those drinks that seems so simple to make. Tequila, lime, a little orange liquer, salt...but it is one that can easily be messed up. When you get a bad one, you want nothing to do with it. But when you get that perfectly mixed margarita, it is a flavor to savor and enjoy.

So where in Albany can you get that perfect Margarita? Here are the top 5 local spots to grab this tasty beverage according to Yelp users!

Top 5 Places To Get a Margarita in Albany

It may seem like a simple recipe with just tequila, lime, orange liquer, and salt. But the perfect margarita is an art form. If you don't have the right balance of ingredients, it just ain't gonna taste right. So when it comes to the perfect take on the Mexican classic, these are the 5 must try destinations for a great margarita in Albany according to Yelp users.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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