The NHL Playoffs are upon us, which means that sixteen teams have dropped the gloves in a quest to lift Lord Stanley's Cup. Apparently, it also means that the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators have dropped the gloves looking to kill one another in this crazy fight, known as a line brawl.

I get it, it's called a line brawl because the entire line on the ice got into it. Clever.

Someone may have to educate me in the comments section as to why both teams decided to throw down like this when the result of the game was pretty close to out of reach at the time, with the Senators holding a 4-1 lead.

If the Habs tried to do it to stir up some momentum for themselves, it definitely didn't work, as they ended up losing the game 6-1. Maybe I'm just not educated enough on hockey to understand this, but it seems pretty crazy.

I can't wait to watch both teams go all Happy Gilmore on each other as soon as the puck drops in Game Four, before the actual game can begin and the Canadiens can attempt to tie the series at two games apiece.

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