Dave Maloney joined us yesterday and explained for us why the Rangers lost to the Senators in six.

The bottom line is that sometimes it comes down to playmakers. Erik Karlsson was able to take the Senators the distance and came up with big plays when his team needed him to the most. At the other end of the ice, Henrik Lundqvist played well, but not well enough. When your best player is your goalie, sometimes you just can't put the puck in the net when it counts.

Maloney told us the Rangers' window might be closing. They are getting older on defense and Lundqvist in 36 years old and likely doesn't have many years left at the top of his game. According to Maloney, the Rangers could improve by picking up a little speed in the defensive end and getting some more help for their goalie so they don't need to rely on him quite so much.

The expansion draft is coming up and some bright spots for the Rangers - Fast, Holden, Grabner, and Lindberg - are all players that Rangers fans should be a little worried could be headed out of town.

Listen to the full interview here:

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