I always love a good "vote for me" sports video.  This video includes plenty of well-known musicians.


I've always been a fan of "vote for me" sports videos ever since I saw Chris Bosh's epic video in 2008 (below).  This Rob Bironas video is pretty good.  I'd give it a 6 on a scale of 1-to-10.  I love the cameo by Charlie Daniels at the end of the video.  I had to take a couple of points away because the Sirius Satellite Radio guy rambles for too long.  That's just me though.

Below is the greatest "vote for me" sports video I've ever seen.  Chris Bosh, who was a member of the Toronto Raptors at the time, released an absolutely hilarious video requesting fan votes for the NBA All-Star Game in 2008.  Bosh is now a member of the Miami Heat.  The video didn't hurt his cause whatsoever.  Bosh has been a 6-time NBA All-Star (2006-2011).


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