Shaq says that Dwight Howard's current situation in Orlando reminds him a lot of his situation back in 1996.  He thinks that if Dwight were to leave the Magic it would be a 'travesty'.

Right now Dwight Howard's future is in a sort of limbo. His contract is up at the end of the season, and despite Orlando wanting him to stay, he hasn't signed any sort of contract extension with the team.  That move has former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal nervous.

I don't know if he doesn't like the organization, I don't know if he wants to go to a bigger city where he can get more endorsement deals, he can do movies. No one really knows the problem.


Dwight Howard has expressed his want for a trade somewhere else, but so far the Magic haven't gotten an offer that they like.  March 15th is the trade deadline and the magic can either trade Howard for something, or risk him leaving on his own at the end of the season, and get nothing in return.