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The Jets And Bills Draft Hats Have Been Released
We already know the NFL Draft will take place on it's scheduled dates of April 23rd through April 25th. Now we know what hats will eventually be worn by the Jets and Bills picks. New Era has released most of the 2020 NFL Draft caps. Here's the ones we already have.
Levack And Goz Discuss If 'Tiger King' On Netflix Is The Worst
The show that has most of us spending hours of our "stay at home" time watching Netflix is "Tiger King." To call this a guilty pleasure is an understatement. I admit I watched it but I'm not proud of that fact. Goz on the other hand LOVES this show. Where do you stand? Great…
NFL Draft Odds To Prepare US For The Next Major Sports Event
The sports landscape has been pretty bare and even though we all know it's for the greater good it still hurts. Luckily NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all 32 NFL teams not only saying the draft will take place on April 23rd - 25th as scheduled but there will also be penalties for…

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