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XFL Week 2 Schedule
Week one of the XFL was everything I hoped it would be and more, so I'm super excited for week two. I already find myself angry that teams are being ranked ahead of "MY" New York Guardians. One of those teams will host the Guardians Saturday when they head to D.C. to face the Defender…
Astros' Jim Crane Downplays Sign Stealing [VIDEO]
Now that Houston Astros' Owner and Chairman Jim Crane has addressed the media about the Sign Stealing Scandal I feel worse about them than I did before. Crane seemed to double talk and attempted many times to downplay the severity of his team cheating.
Doc Gooden Training For Celebrity Boxing Match [VIDEO]
New York Mets and Yankees' legend Dwight "Doc" Gooden has had some well documented rough days since his MLB career. The latest chapter in Doc's life scares me as much for his health as any of those other issues. The 54 year old Gooden is training to box 29 year old "Nitro Co…
Which New York Star Has The Best Odds Of Being The Next NFL MVP?
The New York NFL teams each have a young quarterback they're hoping will be their future. The Buffalo Bills have Josh Allen, The Giants have Daniel Jones and the Jets are counting on Sam Darnold. Which of the three does BetOnline.com think has the best chance of being named MVP in 2020/2021?
Jameis Winston Gets Vision Fixed...No Really!
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted QB Jameis Winston with the number one overall pick of the 2015 draft. Since then there have been a lot of Touchdowns and A LOT of interceptions. Could it be that Winston has had a vision issue this entire time? This season ended with Winston becoming the first NFL QB…