Well Sittin' Sportside Sunday goes on even with no live sports happening and this week we continue to focus on what we all still love which is Sports! On the show this week I had to discuss the meeting the commissioners had with President Trump and what it means for the potential for all seasons. The rest of the show is Covid Free hence the Title of the blog. The next topic was a new entertaiment venture for the NBA plus one of the best Hall of Fame classes we have ever seen. Still previewing MLB and a few players I have a good feeling about this year and in this week in the NFL, OT or WR for the Jets? Tua to the Patriots? Sounds crazy but listen below to hear why it could be a possibility and follow me on Twitter @EricH1045 !

Covid 19 Sports Update

How About a Game of H-O-F?

NFL Draft: Tua to the Patriots?

MLB Players I am Looking Forward to Watch in 2020

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