The NFL playoffs officially get started Saturday night. Although this team will not play until next weekend, their coach is not accepting snowfall as an excuse to be late. New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick told the New England media yesterday "Every day is a work day". Current Patriot Devin McCourty further explained the importance of not being late to

He's mentioned that he doesn't care; don't call and say your car got stuck.' I think everyone knows there are two hotels up here at Patriot Place, so stay there for the night. Find a way. I tell guys, 'Wake up earlier.' Especially if you don't have a garage or something. Wake up and go clean your car off. I think guys know. We're in the NFL playoffs. I think everyone, if you've been here for a week or two weeks, you kind of get that -- 'this guy Bill that talks every day in the early morning, he doesn't play.

The future Hall of Famer does have a history of sending players home and not using snow as an excuse. In 2009 Belichick sent multiple players home after snow caused a traffic accident. Are you surprised by Bill Belichick's tactics? Have you used the snow as an excuse to come in late to work today? Let us know below.

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