Imagine being a young kid growing up in New York loving sports. I know this sounds familiar already because millions of us do. But of those millions how many dream of the seemingly impossible and achieve those dreams. I am 1 of the very lucky and fortunate 1's. I not only loved sports I wanted to talk sports for a living. Shhh don't tell anyone but I haven't worked for over 20 years now achieving that life's dream. I get to talk sports and get paid for it. However i not only get to talk sports and make a living I get to talk sports in my home state. Having had a few of these jobs I know how precious they are and tough to maintain but to talk sports with fellow New Yorkers who share the same passion and excitement for gameday is beyond description. To do this and work with some great people is the glaze on that turkey. From B.Noe to B.Cady to Quiet Joe and my new compatriot Pierce Brix (yes his real name) it's just so much fun to do what we do. As showtime gets close you can feel the excitement building as everyone gets the final touches ready. To discuss strategy and plan the program to executing that plan to the best of our abilities is a great challenge and thrill. Our entire staff including some fine digital and internet folks to promotions to sales pro's to on site engineers I am thankful to you all for having the same desire and energy and caring to do what we do every day and do it well.

Having said all that the people I am most thankful for are the listeners who are really your friends that you may never get to know. To form a bond with people based on our love of sports is incredible.Getting to meet many is an added bonus.

On this wonderful holiday I am so thankful not only to live in the greatest Country man has ever known but to have the greatest job a person can ever have to working and living in the greatest state in the union is beyond description. I can truly say on this Thanksgiving I do feel like the luckiest man on the planet. Say a prayer for our wonderful soldiers who make it so we can all enjoy this American holiday and be thankful for what you do have and don't worry about what you don't have.May everyone get to achieve their life's dreams like I have this Thanksgiving and enjoy a blessed day. Oh  wait I alomost forgot- You better get me a win Sunday Rex Ryan!!!!