Who Would You Rather See Take Control of NFC East?
Giants fans, you are in a very tough spot today. It's Thanksgiving. You are going to watch football no matter what. The middle game of the tripleheader features two of your most hated rivals. The Eagles visit the Cowboys. Both are 8-3, which begs the question, if one of them has to win, who wou…
Bills to Play on Thanksgiving?
The Buffalo Bills just may be playing the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, according to the Bills website.
The NFL schedule isn’t set to be released for another month, but the opponents for each team are already known, as well as where they will play each opponent...
Thanksgiving Day Games Are Huge
Happy Thanksgiving! In between the eating and socializing with family, we'll all undoubtedly sneak away to the couch to watch some football!
Unlike past Turkey Days, the first game of the afternoon could actually be entertaining and has meaning...
Sanchez Loses To Own Team
New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez appropriately summarized the extremely disappointing season Gang Green has had in one unbelievable play.
A Sports Thanksgiving
As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, we've been thinking about what we are thankful and not thankful for in the sports world. Brian Noe is probably thankful for the Notre Dame football team, while Bruce Jacobs is not thankful for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman...
Thanksgiving Football Guide
Football has become ingrained into American culture on Thanksgiving day, just like it has on Sundays for much of the year.
Even non-football fans gather around the television to watch the Turkey Day action, probably because watching grown men inflict pain on one another is more exciting than listenin…

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