Levack’s 5 Drinks To Help You Survive Thanksgiving
Every family is different and somehow every family is still the same. The names may change and the exact way they torment you may vary but in some way, we all have an "Aunt Karen". Even though we're restricted to 10 guests or less this year thanks to COVID-19 you may still need my Tha…
There’s a Deep Fried Turkey Pillow and I Need It!
What if I told you there was a thing called a "Deep Fried Turkey Pillow" and it's actually way cooler than you think? I understand your skepticism! My first thought after reading that fast-food chain Arby's was selling a Deep Fried Turkey Pillow was "do I wear it fresh from …
Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's the staff of 104.5 The Team with a list of their favorite dishes on Turkey Day!

Armen Williams, Co-Host on "Armen and Levack"
Sweet Potatoes: Give me a sweet potatoes dish that's fully loaded - I'm talking cinnamon, marshmallow…
Who Would You Rather See Take Control of NFC East?
Giants fans, you are in a very tough spot today. It's Thanksgiving. You are going to watch football no matter what. The middle game of the tripleheader features two of your most hated rivals. The Eagles visit the Cowboys. Both are 8-3, which begs the question, if one of them has to win, who wou…
Bills to Play on Thanksgiving?
The Buffalo Bills just may be playing the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, according to the Bills website.
The NFL schedule isn’t set to be released for another month, but the opponents for each team are already known, as well as where they will play each opponent...
Big Game Day!
Happy Thanksgiving! In between the eating and socializing with family, we'll all undoubtedly sneak away to the couch to watch some football!
Unlike past Turkey Days, the first game of the afternoon could actually be entertaining and has meaning...
Sanchez Loses To Own Team
New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez appropriately summarized the extremely disappointing season Gang Green has had in one unbelievable play.

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