Soccer is often a low scoring game that requires flashes of brilliance to see goal totals rise. However, in many national cup competitions, powers in each nations' club ranks have the opportunity to tee off on lesser, sometimes amateur competition. This results in some serious blowouts, like the one that took place in Estonia today when FC Flora Tallinn demolished FC Reaal Tallinn by a score of 18-0.

Flora is one of the most powerful soccer clubs in Estonia, finishing in third place in the top league in Estonia, and they are the defending champions of the Estonian Cup. Reaal is a member of the IV League in Estonian football, the lowest rung on the Estonian football ladder. The discrepancy in competition showed from the opening kickoff.

Flora scored its first goal in the 11th minute, on a goal from forward Sander Post. By the 24th minute, Post had another three goals to his name. He finished the match with nine goals in total.

Perhaps more impressive than Post's nine goals were the two own goals from the same player on Reaal's squad. Maybe he didn't know that he was going the wrong way? Either way, it helped to contribute to a ridiculous final score.

Of course, results like this aren't so surprising when you take a look at the official webpage for Reaal Tallinn, which introduces the club with the following:

FC Reaal is a football club which was created in the end of August 1998. All the players are amateurs and we practise about twice a week. Football has always been very popular among us, we visit all the games of the Estonian national team. Football is our lifestyle and we can't live without it any more.


The players come mainly from Tallinn Science School (Tallinna Reaalkool) and are born between 1982-83, so it's quite a young team. Our name FC Reaal comes from the word Reaalkool, we are not fans of Real Madrid :-)


FC Reaal plays in thefifth league of Estonian Football Championships (it's the lowest league of Estonia). We think that the most important thing of playing football (or dealing with any other sports) IS NOT WINNING. Our main goal is to ENJOY PLAYING this wonderful game. All the players who come to a game will certainly be substituted in, no matter how they play.


So, basically, when the equivalent of an MLS team takes on a college intramural soccer team, scores in the neighborhood of 18-0 happen. Now we know.