If you're going to be at our first ever Food Truck Festival happening this Saturday (5/4) in Troy, NY, we want you to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, flickr, and more with us! Here's a complete guide for the fest including our hashtag for the day and the Twitter handles for a bunch of the trucks. We'll even have a fancy-dandy guide to save to your phone, or print out. We'll also have paper copies at the festival too, but you can save a tree and download it here


Check in on Foursquare! We have a venue created at the park called Food Truck Fest Troy - and please feel free to share that on Facebook and Twitter. Because you're awesome and stuff.


You can now tag people and brands on Instagram, and that includes us! Our Instagram feed is FoodTruckFest so please tag us in any photos you share! Use hashtag #FoodTruckFest518 too.


Follow us on Twitter for updates @FoodTruckFestNY and please direct your tweets at us. Even better - include our hashtag for the day of #FoodTruckFest518

Many of our trucks are also on Twitter - they love being Tweeted at so feel free to hit them up too! They are:  @WanderingDago  @PiesOnWheels  @Slidin_Dirty  @gweniebreakfast @SouthTroyBurger @HowWeRoll  @CDKonaIce   - and again, don't forget our hashtag #FoodTruckFest518


We're going to be collecting up photos from flickr, which if you haven't checked out their new apps then you're missing out on something (dare we say) cooler than Instagram! Also, flickr now supports hashtags, so please use ours #FoodTruckFest518


Don't use hashtags on Facebook. Or do. Whatever. But seriously, add the photos to our Facebook fan page /foodtruckfestivalsofny 

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