Here we go. Another great summer of shows at SPAC. Ah, the drunken memories, lame attempts to sneak in, or just listening outside because we couldn't afford tickets.

I once got in big trouble for having people call in and tell me the ways they have snuck into SPAC. Of course, SPAC plugged all the holes after we did that segment. Here are some interesting SPAC facts:

  1. Largest crowd for a single show: Grateful Dead in 1985 40,231.
  2. The first non-classical performance: Harry Belafonte in 1967.
  3. James Taylor had the most appearances at SPAC with 19.
  4. Most expensive SPAC ticket…The Eagles in 1994 at $200.
  5. Most sold out shows: Dave Matthews, of course.

Ray Charles was also a regular. My favorite show was the Allman Brothers, who also made regular appearances at SPAC over the years.

Do you have great SPAC memory? E-mail me with your phone number, and if it's a great story, you can tell it on the air: