Each Thursday at 4pm we bring you the segment called Socially Awkward Media. The segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms.This week's segment was a bit different as Levack and Goz  moved it to this Friday at 3:30pm following yesterday's double header New YorkYankees action.

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Michael-Whose grandma filmed this?

Carol-Christopher looks tired

Joshua-Jet fans who are saying you’re season is over after week 1 are the worse. #Dontcallitacomeback

RJ-But if the NCAA kicks out the schools with the best teams, most talent, they delegitimize their own championships.

Robert-This may be the last straw to God ending the world

David-they still make Swatches

Ben-“You know I worked in the minors for a long time”- @TomGozz, 29 I got a chuckle out of that @THEjefflevack

Darrell Blond-Should have opened with sausage and corn, it’s an attention grabber
Bossman-Show The Janitor Respect !!!! Go Vikings !!!
Jason Hymes-Should have hired Rick Pitno


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