The offseason in the NFL has been dominated about where quarterbacks are going to go or whether they would be traded. Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson have been in the headlines and of course the last couple of months, it has been all about Aaron Rodgers and what he may do with the beef he has with the Green Bay Packers. Nicole Briscoe is a Wisconsin native and has a solution to the situation with Rodgers which you can listen to above. In a nutshell, Briscoe suggests the two come to an agreement on a one year deal with a clause in there that would be best for both worlds. Make sure to listen to the fun conversation for more on that resolution as well as her take on the Bucks, the sticky stuff and her sleep schedule!

We also asked her her thoughts on our twitter poll which included the New York Yankees' upcoming series with the Boston Red Sox. And in the blink of an eye, the Yankees are playing the way everyone thought they should have since day one of the season. Gary Sanchez has been the catalyst at the plate, and he’s getting some help up and down the lineup. I refuse to say the Yankees are back, but they are playing their best baseball of the season heading to Boston for a series against the first place Red Sox. And did anyone predict it would be Sanchez to ignite the Yankees offense?

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