The St. Louis Rams were working their way down the field in the first quarter of their Monday night game against the New York Giants and they were making them look slow and out of shape.  So when two players fell to the ground out of no where, things seemed fishy.  Now the Ram's are filing an official claim with the NFL.

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is not happy with the New York Giants right now.  Him and his team are claiming that the Giants defense faked injuries in order to slow down the Rams offensive tempo.  In the first quarter the Rams were in a no huddle offense and it was working as they marched right down the field.  This totally threw off the Giants defense who looked like they couldn't keep up with the young Rams.  So what did they do?  A couple guys dropped to the ground in order to grab an injury time out.

They couldn't get subbed, they couldn't line up. Someone said, 'Someone go down, someone go down,' so someone just went down and grabbed a cramp.

-Sam Bradford

Bradford isn't alone in this thinking.  Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo is right there with him and has even sent the claim to the NFL offices.  According to Spagnuolo, it's just one of the many things on a list he is sending in.

The two players in question are Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams, who both dropped to the ground.  The Giants claim that Grant actually did hurt his knee, but he would jog off the field under his own power.  Williams would just get up and continue playing.  The Monday Night Football announcers would even acknowledge that it was probably a fake injury.