The NFL is a quarterback's league.  The general rule is that if you have a good signal-caller, you'll be a pretty good team.

The past few NFL Draft's were quarterback-heavy and have produced some great young QB's.

So who is the best of the young guns?

Of all of the QBs in the NFL with 3 or fewer years of experience, I would take Sam Bradford.

He's done far more with less than anyone.

Here’s how good Bradford is. He led the Rams to a 7-9 record. He threw for 3,512 yards and 18 TD’s in his rookie year throwing to dudes I’ve never heard of.

Ask yourself this: did you have Donny Avery, Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola or Laurent Robinson on any of your fantasy teams?  Let's take it a step further: were any of those WR’s on any team in your fantasy league?

75-year old Michael Clayton actually started for the Rams last year and he was their #1 wideout before he got injured.  Clayton was a 3rd stringer on the Ravens and was cut at the end of training camp.

Even his stud running back, Steven Jackson, is never healthy.  So Bradford is doing it with no-name wide-outs and a back-up RB’s named Keith Toston, and Kenneth Darby.

Matt Ryan might be the best quarterback right now, but I'd take Bradford over the long haul.  He’s smart and has got great football instincts.  He proved that he can overcome adversity with being injured his whole junior season.  

Bradford had to do the most in his first season out of any of the other young quarterbacks.  His club had no defense, no WR’s, and an “elite” running back who’s injury-prone.

While both teams were bad, Ryan went into a better situation in Atlanta than Bradford did in St. Louis.  The Atlanta QB had the one of the league's best running backs in Michael Turner.  In 2008, Turner finished 2nd in rushing that year.  Atlanta also had a big WR in Roddy White.  Let's not forget, Atlanta had a pretty formidable defense.

The Jets' Mark Sanchez had the league’s best defense and a coach who didn’t trust him to have the ball in his hands in crunch time.

Even Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger has always relied on a running game and defense.  The same could be said about Flacco in Baltimore.

The St. Louis Rams team of last year had no business being anywhere near the playoffs, and Bradford almost took them there.

Bradford proved he's a leader from Day #1.  The Rams handed him the keys to the store his first day on the job and they put total confidence in him.  In fact, Bradford had 590 passing attempts in his rookie year.  Roethlisberger's rookie season he only had 295 attempts, Mark Sanchez had 364 attempts and Matt Ryan had 434.

He played at a big-time program in college at the University of Oklahoma and took them to the National Championship. So he can handle the big stage.

Bradford only has 1 year under his belt but he showed the most in his first season than any other young quarterback did.