Earlier this week on Levack and Goz, the guys offered up their take on what quarterbacks they believed were the top five quarterbacks of the 2010 decade. Some of you may need a refresher on what a "decade" is. It is a ten year span and in this case the guys were judging the best quarterbacks from 2010-2019. You can listen to the full segment at 5pm on Levack and Goz's Good Friday Top 5 at 5. However, if you can't wait until Friday, enjoy this 104.5 The Team ONLINE EXCLUSIVE as the full segment is below.

What are your thoughts on the guys' picks? What quarterbacks would you have left on? Plus where should quarterback Eli Manning rank on the list? Top 5? Top 10? Outside of the Top 10? Let us know your thoughts below. Remember you can submit your own topic for Levack and Goz to debate during the Top 5 at 5 weekdays at 5pm by downloading and submitting your comments via the FREE 104.5 The Team app below.

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