Stan Van Gundy's dribbling ability is astonishing.  You have to see this video to believe it.

Stan Van Gundy isn't exactly an athletic specimen.  Most people with functioning eyesight would not anticipate Van Gundy being as skilled of a dribbler as he is.  Stan handles the ball with ease while talking to young kids at a basketball camp the entire time.  That's impressive.

A topic that came up on Thursday's edition of "The Noe Show" is the usage of the word, "handle."  I've always heard people refer to great dribbling skills as, "handles."  You'll hear on the playground, "He's got mad handles."  It's like "hops" or "ups".  All of these words are plural.

Apparently, most people in the Capital Region refer to great dribbling skills as, "handle."  A few listeners emailed me to mention that the Urban Dictionary says the word is actually handles.  Technically, I'm right.  However, slang is definitely a regional thing, so in honor of the good people in the Capital Region, I'll say that Stan Van Gundy has mad handle.  I feel a little strange though.


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