Sunday afternoon, Buffalo Bills' safety Taylor Rapp took a shot at Las Vegas Raiders' star wide receiver, Davante Adams, which resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty. After the game, Adams said that he didn't want to talk much about the hit, and for a few days after the game, that remained the case.

On Wednesday, Adams changed his mind, and not only spoke to the media about the hit, but openly criticized Rapp for the way he plays the game.

More specifically, he said that Rapp plays the game out of control, and Bills' fans were not overly pleased when they heard him say that.

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Davante Adams Rips Buffalo Bills' Taylor Rapp for Playing "Out of Control"

A story from ESPN and other outlets detailed the ongoing spat between Buffalo Bills' safety, Taylor Rapp, and Las Vegas Raiders' wide receiver, Davante Adams. The feud began because of this hit, delivered by Rapp during Sunday afternoon's game:

Initially, Adams did not comment openly about the hit, or the player who applied the hit. That all changed on Wednesday, when a medically-cleared Adams stood in front of the media, and said this:

Comments like the ones made by Adams here aren't ones that are made flippantly. Saying that a player is out of control and doesn't have much true purpose while on-the-field is something that you say when you want to be heard, and you want to be talked about.

Davante Adams wanted to make a point when speaking about Taylor Rapp, and he did. Now, we wait and see if there is a response.

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Taylor Rapp #20 of the Buffalo Bills recovers a fumble / Getty Images

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