Someone take James Harrison's foot out of his mouth.  The Steelers linebacker completely crushes Big Ben and Roger Goodell in an issue of Men's Journal.

Former defensive player of the year, James Harrison, went on a tirade in the August edition of Men's Journal magazine.  In a piece entitled, "Hit Man," Harrison ripped Big Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall, and Commissioner Roger Goodell.


In a complete twist that has never happened before, Harrison is not fully standing by his words.  Shocking.  ESPN's Merril Hoge reports that Big Ben was called by Harrison.  Harrison claims that the -- wait for it -- that the writer twisted a lot of his words.


Ahh, yes.  It was the writer that twisted Harrison's words.  Totally believable.  Harrison probably said something like, "Big Ben is an All-American quarterback," and the writer just said, "Screw that.  Let's go with Big Ben stinks."  Harrison had plenty of critical things to say.  Stand by it, James.

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