Are the Patriots signing James Harrison for knowledge about the Steelers or is he the right fit for their team on the field heading into the playoffs.

Long-time Steeler James Harrison was just signed by the Patriots in a move that could be considered 'gamesmanship' rather than a signing made with on-the-field impact in mind. The Patriots and Steelers seem to be on a crash course for the AFC Championship game and insider info could help the Pats. Besides, we know they are always trying to get any edge possible - even when they do so in a way that is...questionable.

I'm not a big Pats fan, but I think the move makes sense for them. Harrison can still play and the Patriots defense has stitched together all year. The Patriots, more than any other team in the league, prove that preparation and planning are just as important as on-the-field play, especially in the playoffs. Bringing in a veteran like Harrison really can't be a bad move.

Tom Brady may still seem ageless, but he isn't going to be able to play forever and the Patriots need to take advantage of every opportunity they have with him leading the offense. This team can certainly win it all again and Harrison can help them do it.

In any event, it looks like Harrison is embracing his new teammates:

And if they get some inside information that helps them in the playoffs, that just makes the move all the smarter.

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