Two state police officers shot and killed a man who charged at troopers with two knifes. The Albany County coroner ruled the death a suicide by police.

It's tragic that this man was so depressed that he felt he had to end his life, but he is not the only victim. The other victims are the two police officers who were forced to shoot a man we now know suffered from mental illness. Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. I've suffered through periods in my life where I've thought about driving my car off the twin bridges, and thankfully I was able to get through those difficult times. This man in Berne decided to drag two police officers down who were just trying to do their jobs, which might not have happened if he had gotten help.

I don't know what his problems were, but I do know the feeling of desperation. If you think suicide is the answer, just remember, there are other victims. I've been close to people who have been through it, and seen children that had to deal with losing a parent this way. Suicide can be a very selfish act. My thoughts go out the the family of that man and the officers who have to deal with what happened.

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