Thursday morning, the independent, non-profit newsroom ProPublica published a story that shared shocking allegations involving Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. In the story, and corresponding tweet thread, ProPublica shared details that Thomas has accepted millions of dollars in private gifts from billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, without disclosing any of this information publicly.

In one section of the extensive allegations, a tie was created between Thomas and Upstate New York. Here's the latest that we've learned.

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Millions of "Luxury Gifts" Accepted By Thomas Included Upstate NY Visits

A story from New York Upstate dug into the shocking details shared by ProPublica regarding Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. Specifically, NY Upstate dug into the section that claimed Thomas would visit an invitation-only resort in Upstate, Camp Topridge at Upper St. Regis Lake, every year.

Take a look at this photo, shared by ProPublica:

The property was purchased by billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow in 1995, and it has since become one of the most exclusive vacation spots for politicians and corporate executives in the country.

Here is another image shared by ProPublica:

It's a remarkable property, and one that only a select few people will ever get to experience in their lives. Thomas' visits to the Upstate resort were part of an extensive list of "luxury gifts" which included stays on Crow's yacht, private jet flights, private chefs for meals and more.

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Sonia Sotomayor (L) and Clarence Thomas (R) / Getty Images

The issue with these allegations is a bit deeper than simply accepting gifts from a donor. It's not an issue of Republican vs. Democrat, either; if Thomas had accepted the gifts from a Democratic donor, it would be equally as concerning to the public.

The other side of this story is the fact that Thomas apparently neglected to disclose any of these gifts in any way. As quoted by New York Upstate, failure to do so appears to violate a law passed after the Watergate scandal that requires justices, judges, members of Congress and federal officials to disclose most gifts.

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Clarence Thomas at the swearing-in of Mike Pence / Getty Images

This story took the political world by storm on Thursday, and now, we all wait and see if anything is done in response. Odds are, however, that Thomas won't be spotted in Upstate New York anytime soon.

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