It’s a simple formula to beat Syracuse, and Houston perfected it on Saturday night in the Sweet 16. Shutdown the perimeter and force the Orange to beat you inside, where they are very shorthanded. The Cougars locked down defensively on Buddy Boeheim and Joseph Girard III, and the game was over. If Syracuse can’t knock down  perimeter shots they can’t beat you. It was a great run by Syracuse in the  NCAA Tournament, but until SU develops more on inside game, they can’t advance much further than what they did.

Matthew Gutierrez joined us to wrap up the season which you can listen to above but here are some of the highlights from the interview including what the future of the program entails:

  • Houston just ended up being a team that is designed to beat this currently constructed Syracuse team. They have height but also the hustle on both ends of the floor including on the glass. They crash about 3 people every time a shot goes up and Syracuse has a hard time dealing with all of that athleticism.
  • A couple weeks ago it wasn't a question whether Buddy was going to the NBA but now it is but he will be staying.
  • Syracuse could lose a couple players to the portal but that is just what is happening in the sport right now.
  • Benny Williams is the big get. He is a 5 star forward and has potential to be an impact player right away for the Orange.

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