Brick by Brick Catskill Man on TV’s ‘Lego Masters’ Tonight
A childhood toy and hobby could earn a Catskill resident one hundred thousand dollars and the title of Lego Master. Richard Dryden has loved Lego as a kid and now he has teamed up with another Lego enthusiast to compete on the reality show "Lego Masters" on Fox. They have been winning and …
Want to be in HBO Series Filming in Catskill? Locals Extras Needed
It was announced a few weeks ago that HBO would be setting up in the Village of Catskill to film their latest "Pretty Little Liars" series. They were scoping out various locations for the backdrop of the TV series that would premiere on HBOMax. They were looking at the cemetery, neighborho…
HBO Series Gets Reboot in Catskill-Filming This Summer
Many film crews have been scouting Upstate New York for their films and series. Now HBO is coming into the small village of Catskill to shoot a reboot of a popular series. "Pretty Little Liars" will start filming soon in Catskill as HBO looks to reboot the series.
January Hero
104.5 The Team's January Hometown Hero was slightly taken aback when we called the other morning. Moments after identifying ourselves as local radio hosts, the first thing she responded with was 'How can I help you?'