Kolija was shot in the leg back on Jan. 1st and four different animal advocate groups down in the Catskills pooled their resources together to assist with his recovery. And now, they're offering a $10K reward for info about the person who shot him in Greene County.

Who Would Do This?

Last week, State Police in New York arrested a man who they say shot a dog in its leg in Greene County a few weeks back.  The dog, a Great Pyrenees/German Shepard mix, not only survived the attack but, courageously walked over 1/3 of a mile back to its owner's house, compromised by a severe injury.

Dog Miraculously Survives

According to a Facebook post by the NYSP,  "Kolija", a Great Pyrenees German Shepard mix was shot in a wooded area near Potic Mountain Road, Athens, NY, about 35 miles south of Albany.

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Potic Mountain Road, Athens NY. Photo: Google Maps


Police were hoping that when the news spread, someone would come forward with any information about the person(s) responsible for this heinous act - and they're still looking.

According to the report, on January 1st, a man by the name of Kurt Andernach "reported to the State Police in Catskill that his two-year-old 80-pound Great Pyrenees German Shepard mix had been shot."

Andernach told police he was on his property when he noticed his dog, Kolija walking towards him "bleeding and with a severe injury to his right rear leg."

Andernach rushed the dog to the Kingston Animal Hospital where the dog was treated for a gunshot wound, a broken pelvis, and a broken femur, according to the source.

Kolija received surgery at a veterinary clinic in Stamford, Connecticut and he is expected to survive. Photo: NYSP
Kolija received surgery at a veterinary clinic in Stamford, Connecticut and he is expected to survive. Photo: NYSP

Will to Survive

According to the report, Troopers and Officers were able to trace Kolija's steps from a blood trail he left as he was trying to find his home.  State Police were able to determine that the "dog traveled approximately 600 yards back to his residence after being shot."

Kolija received surgery at a veterinary clinic in Stamford, Connecticut and he is expected to survive.

$10,000 Reward

A total of four different animal advocates, Hyer Ground RescueHudson Valley Animal Rescue and SanctuaryHumane Long Island, and Animal Nation, pooled their resources together to offer this $10,000 reward.

Do you think you may know anything about this case?  If so, contact the State Police Catskill Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) at 518-622-8600 and reference RMS # 2400001365.

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