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Watch Kristaps Porzingis Get Schooled By A Kid [VIDEO]
I know the year has been less than great for the Knicks but one of the few bright spots has been the "Unicorn" Kristaps Porzingis. Now at a event that appears to be for Delta Airlines he gets schooled by a small child that then shows him up further by dabbing...
MLB Players as Emojis
One day after we posted the "NBA Players as Emojis," we get this gem from Darren Rovell again on Twitter.
This time its fun to look and see how we could represent major league baseball players past and present.
My Top 3:
1. Bobby Bonilla: The money and the calendar represent "…
NBA Players as Emojis
Leave it to Darren Rovell to post this: How do you represent your favorite NBA players past and present in emojis?
My Top 3:
1. Lance Stephenson: I give extra creativity to the dual-emoji. The wind blowing is a clever and clear reference to Stephenson blowing in LeBron James' ear while Stephenson…