Kate Upton had an awkward exchange with CNBC sports reporter Darren Rovell.  Apparently, Kate takes Valentine's Day proposals seriously.


Really, Kate Upton?  Seriously?  This was a total joke Valentine's Day proposition by CNBC sports reporter Darren Rovell.  The guy is married.  His wife is also currently pregnant.  This was just a light-hearted Valentine's Day pun.  Darren asked Kate if she would be his valentine.  What did the gorgeous supermodel say? 

"I definitely want the chocolate but there's a little bit of a waiting list."  Wow.  Boo.  Just go along with the joke, Kate.  Plus, she even took the chocolate although she ended up saying no.  This is like a girl who has no interest in a guy, but still lets him buy her drinks all night.  Right or wrong?  Freakin true.  She loses cool points in my book for this. 

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