george steinbrenner

Hall of Fame!
On Monday morning, it became official that long-time New York Yankees manager Joe Torre had been unanimously elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's a well deserving honor as Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox will join Torre in this summer's class...
Mets Season Highlighted By Youngsters
This New York Mets season has been like many others.  Dreadful, lost for cause and filled with hope in the beginning and eventual failure.  Not even a host All-Star Game, filled with Mariano Rivera celebration and David Wright and Matt Harvey standing ovations could save the day for those walking off the 7 train and into the ballpark.
A-Rod’s Latest Behavior Should Surprise No One
Alex Rodriguez is a clown.  He is a fraud.  He is a broken-down steroid user.  He is a cheater.  He is bad for baseball.  He is downright horrible for the Yankees.  And, like the 5th grade student in the back of the room who can't stop annoying the teacher, he is a bad boy with bad behavior.
Bronx Zoo No More. Now Boston Zoo!
Forget this stuff about the Yankess playing in the Bronx Zoo or being dysfunctional. The dysfuction and zoo like atmosphere has moved to Beantown. The Red Sox are a calamity a day! Somewhere George Steinbrenner is probably jealous, or perhaps he is getting a chuckle out of the Boston mess...
George Steinbrenner Belongs In The Hall of Fame
Love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner was a baseball icon.  Therefore, I firmly believe the late New York Yankees owner belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. To me, this is a slam dunk decision.