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Running In A Blue Dream
There are so many fantasy scenarios going on with the Yankees it isn't even funny.  It's turned into "Dreamland" in the Bronx.  They aren't just playing baseball, and bad baseball at that.  They are giving people around the game the idea that things ar…
O No
The Yankees grabbed three early runs (one in the 1st inning and two in the 3rd inning) behind CC Sabathia but couldn't hold the lead as a furious Baltimore comeback was in order.  The Birds bested New York 4-3.
Joe Girardi Should Trust Young Bullpen
Mariano Rivera is retiring this season and will provide the biggest transition in Yankee history since Mickey Mantle waved good-bye to the Bronx patrons.  The good news is, while no one will ever again be Rivera, the Yanks have a lot of nice, young pitchers in the bullpen they can choose from.
Farewell Phil
We get it by now.  The once-heralded phenom Phil Hughes is what he is at this point.  Nothing more than a 4 or 5 in a Yankee pitching rotation or 3 or 4 elsewhere (National League probably) who never fully reached his full potential in New York and is more up and down than a Northeast roll…
Yankee Trade Block
The Yankees have woes in the pitching rotation and one issue in the bullpen, to say the least.  Ivan Nova is in the minors trying to figure things out.  Joba Chamberlain is a mess and Phil Hughes, it seems, will never figure things out...
Yankees-Rockies Series Preview
The Yanks have Monday, May 6 off, then play 17 games in 16 days starting with a three-game set out in Colorado.  New York comes off of a tough series loss to Oakland where it dropped two of three.  Colorado, meantime, lost two of three at home to Tampa Bay.  Here is a series preview:
Ivan Nova Could Be Heading Down Phil Hughes Boulevard
The once promising trio of Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes was supposed to be pitching greatness in pinstripes for 10 years.  Except that it never happened.  Ian Kennedy was traded to Arizona, the Yanks messed with Joba so much that he never regained his true set-up stuff and Phil Hugh…
Mets Youth Trumps Yanks
Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy never panned out.  Now, the best in the Yankee farm system is Manny Banuelos, who is out for the minor league year with Tommy John surgery and who knows if Dellin Betances will ever emerge like the Yanks said he would two years ago.  The Mets o…
What Would You Do With Joba Chamberlain?
Since returning from the disabled list earlier this month, Yankees relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain has struggled on several occasions, including last night against the White Sox. Joba has an ERA over 9 since returning, and fans are starting to get a little unsettled about his performance...

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