There are so many fantasy scenarios going on with the Yankees it isn't even funny.  It's turned into "Dreamland" in the Bronx.  They aren't just playing baseball, and bad baseball at that.  They are giving people around the game the idea that things are getting better or that a scenario is going to play out soon when it has no chance.   Here are some examples.  Alex Rodriguez's Monday press conference after being suspended 211 games by Major League Baseball.  He had three chances to deny using performance enhancing drugs but not once did he admit to anything.  He is guilty as hell.  Everyone knows it.  He knows it.  His teammates know it.  MLB knows it.  Fans know it.  We in the media know it.

"I'm not going to get into [any specifics] today," Rodriguez said. "I'm obviously disappointed with the news, no question about it ... That's as much as I'm comfortable telling you right now."  Honestly, get this guy out of the game.

His manager, Joe Girardi, says he expects A-Rod to hit and that was why he put him 4th in the lineup, to knock in runs.  Is Girardi serious?  What does he think has changed since last year when he benched A-Rod because he looked like a New York Penn League player?  Oh one thing did change, A-Rod had another hip injury and surgery.  And Girardi won't hammer down on Rodriguez in the press conference, but can make comments about how embarrassing Ryan Braun is for the game some time ago.  Super, Joe, nice and consistent.  Now grab your cotton candy in Dreamland.

Andy Pettitte is a disaster in the first inning.  In fact, the guy cannot even get through three anymore.  But he is working on things and earlier this season told

"I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m good. You’re not gonna beat me down. I’m gonna stay positive, you know what I mean? I’m gonna run this through to the end."

Is this guy serious?  He is 41.  His team can't hit.  Pettitte has no velocity and he cannot even pick people off at first base anymore.  His cutter comes nowhere close to cutting.  Maybe, to top it all off, he can reinforce us before he cashes in on social security that he ONLY used HGH on his injured elbow?  Another dreamland guy.

Even Derek Jeter thought he could come back on Opening Day.  Jeter still probably has no idea how healthy he is.  Obviously he hasn't been able to run full speed.  How was Jeter ever coming back on Opening Day or shortly after when he couldn't run then or now?  Plus, Jeter coming back in early to mid to late July after a re-break of an ankle?  At 100%?  Are you serious?

Mark Teixeira said he was good to go.  Thanks for your time, Tex.

Brian Cashman believed in Kevin Youkilis this season.  Really?  And Vernon Wells for not one, but two years.  And Travis Hafner all season long?  WHAT???

Joba Chamberlain still believed he was a starting pitcher at the start of this season too, right?

This 2013 Yankee team has been bad enough.  But just playing bad baseball would be better than playing bad baseball and then telling the masses about what they are doing or going to do when none of those things are or will be a reality.

By:  Mike Lindsley, "Mid-Day with Mike," M-F 1-4, Yankees pre/post game host on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  Follow him on Twitter at  


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