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Did The MLB Just Embrace The Bat Flip? [VIDEO]
When it comes to "Unwritten Rules" no sport can compete with Major League Baseball. We've all heard and most likely said them "Act like you've been there before", "He hasn't earned the right to act like that", "Show a guy up and get hit" and &qu…
The Induction Ceremony as Told By Me
It was hot. My forehead is now an obscene shade of red.
It was tiring. We walked a mile each way, up a few hills. I dragged a cooler and carried a lawn chair. It wasn't that grueling, but it was trying enough.
It was crowded. Fifty-thousand people lined the streets of a town that only inhabits ab…
Griffey One Day Away From Hall of Fame (AUDIO)
I can't wait for tomorrow: A great career culminates in Cooperstown as Ken Griffey Jr. is set to be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Yes, yes, I know that Mike Piazza is going into the Hall also, but I grew up a fan of Griffey living in Seattle...
They're In!
Well, in a bit of a surprise last night, only two people are headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this summer: Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza.
It's been a foregone conclusion that Griffey was headed to the Hall for years, even while he was playing...
The Best of His Time
Despite the fact that Armen and Levack like to make fun of me and say it didn't happen, I grew up in Seattle. I lived there for six years. It was ages one to six.
It wasn't the longest time. But they were my most formative years.
It's where I learned to love baseball...
Cooperstown Wasn’t The Same In 2013
I have been going to Cooperstown every year since 2002 for Hall of Fame Weekend, one year as a fan and the other 10 as a media member.  Not this year. No living members were inducted (first time since 1965) so I bagged it.  And even from afar, it had the feel of a very different weekend.