When it comes to "Unwritten Rules" no sport can compete with Major League Baseball. We've all heard and most likely said them "Act like you've been there before", "He hasn't earned the right to act like that", "Show a guy up and get hit" and "NEVER FLIP THE BAT!". Well in a new MLB ad voiced by and featuring Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr the MLB might finally be saying enough of the old ways, let's have some fun.

The biggest criticism of baseball is it seems stuck in it's ways. Players are expected to act like overly professional robots and too much personality could be met with retribution in the form of a fastball in the ribs. This new commercial could be just what the doctor ordered for the MLB. Ken Griffey Jr who drew the ire of older fans in his day for wearing his hat backwards narrating and appearing in this video is a great message too. It looks to me like the MLB finally gets it and is moving it's way into modern media by celebrating personalities.

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