Kevin Cash

Randy Steals Boston Red Sox' Lunch
A straight steal of home plate in the Major League Baseball playoffs or World Series is something you see Jackie Robinson do in a Ken Burns documentary or you may have seen Javier Baez do it a five years ago when he was with the Chicago Cubs against the San Francisco Giants. Nonetheless, it's rare. Last night in the first game of the American League Division Series featuring the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, we got to see it again in the Rays 5-0 victory over the Red Sox.
Analytics Are Saving Baseball – Return Of War Pig [AUDIO]
The World Series is over and the Los Angeles Dodgers have won their first Championship since 1988. You'd think that would be the only conversation today but sadly no. Between Dodgers' third baseman Justin Turner finding out he was COVID-19 positive during the game and the debate on if pulling Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell happened too early not many people are happy about last night. One person is thrilled by the use of analytics in baseball and he doesn't care if you like it or who you think really won last night. Everyone's favorite stat nerd "War Pig" is here to celebrate Rays manager Kevin Cash and explain why the Rays were the real winners last night.