Luke Walton

Knicks Are Playing So Well Coaches Are Throwing Tantrums [VIDEO]
Any New York Knicks fan will tell you that we've been waiting A LONG TIME to feel good feelings about our favorite NBA team. So even though we know this isn't a team that's going to be playing for the NBA title any time soon, I'm pretty pumped they're winning games. Not only are the Knicks winning the games they're supposed to win, they're crushing bad teams so bad coaches are throwing temper tantrums on the court.
Who Should Knicks Tab As Next Head Coach?
On Monday, the New York Knicks parted ways with head coach Derek Fisher. Fisher was 40-96 in his 1+ year with the Knicks; the second worst record by a head coach in team history behind Larry Brown (23-59). Phil Jackson named Kurt Rambis interim head coach...