Now That Smoking Pot is Legal in NY-Where Can You Toke?
You may think that because marijuana is legal in New York state there are plenty of places you can light one up. That is not necessarily the case. Where you can and cannot smoke are pretty lopsided so don't expect to see a lot of people smoking marijuana around you.
3 Lil’ Birds Say Bob Marley’s Son Looking Upstate to Grow Pot Biz
The marijuana business is starting to ramp up in New York state and it seems that everyone is going to try and get growing. There is someone's son who seems like a perfect fit to throw his hat in the marijuana-growing business. He is the son of legendary reggae star and well-known supporter of marijuana, Bob Marley.
Ravens Tackle Wants End To Marijuana Ban
NFL players have been advocating for marijuana to be medically prescribed for well over a decade now. On Monday, Baltimore Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe wrote an essay regarding medical marijuana as a safer option for players than the opioids they are prescribed...
Cro's Outspoken
Last week, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie was on some show that no one has ever heard of called This is 50. During the interview, Cromartie gave an honest opinion when asked about the NFL's drug policy, specifically marijuana: "They need to just let it go," said Cromartie...
Smoking Out Sports?
Possession of marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington.  The NFL still says that marijuana usage is not permitted.  Should the league reconsider?