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Schenectady Gets Love From 3 Time Super Bowl Champion [INTERVIEW]
Mark Schlereth has played for 2 NFL teams, had 29 surgeries, won 3 Super Bowls and loves Schenectady New York. The crazy part is the guy has never even been here. Schlereth some how ended up with a "Schenectady T-Shirt" while he was in college at Idaho and has loved the city's name ev…
Mark Schlereth Predicts Super Bowl 54 With Levack And Goz [AUDIO]
Three time Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth has not only won the Super Bowl but he's covered countless more. He breaks down how the offensive Lines could decide the big game and who he thinks will be triumphant this Sunday. Of Course we also have to ask Stink about news all around the NFL.