Mark Schlereth has played for 2 NFL teams, had 29 surgeries, won 3 Super Bowls and loves Schenectady New York. The crazy part is the guy has never even been here. Schlereth some how ended up with a "Schenectady T-Shirt" while he was in college at Idaho and has loved the city's name ever since. At this point every time he sees me he yells "SCHENECTADY"! He also knows a little bit about football so it was great to catch up with Schlereth and preview the Big Game.

Mark "Stink" Schlereth was part of some of the best offensive lines in the NFL with the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos so does he think the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line will be able to overcome injuries Sunday? When you hear Schlereth explain all the ways the coaching staff and game plan can help save the o line it really makes sense. Basically you set up the entire game plan to alleviate as much pressure on the line as you can. I realize that's certainly easier said than done but it makes sense that if you're a guy like Schlereth that played on offensive lines that fined each other if any player was quoted in the news would stand by the unit can survive a few injuries.

Listen to Mark Schlereth's full interview below.

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