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All 3 NY NFL Teams Are Eliminated So What Now?
When the New York Giants were shut out by the Tennessee Titans, all three New York NFL teams were officially eliminated from the playoffs. So What do we do now? Look ahead to the Draft? Look for the team that has some form of a local tie to rally behind? Jump on a bandwagon? There really aren't…
Championship Predictions
...And then there were four.  On Monday there will be two.  But which two? Let us tell you.
Patriots at Broncos

Joe Bianchino: 31-27 Broncos
Armen Williams: 35-26 Broncos
Joe Calderone: 28-21 Patriots
Pierce Brix: 34-30 Broncos

49ers at Seahawks

Joe Bianchino: 23-20 49ers
Armen Williams: 24-17 49ers
Joe Cald…

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