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ESPN Vegas Insider Previews Big Game Bets [INTERVIEW]
Doug Kezirian has been covering Sports Wagering longer than most of us were able to take part. Now that many states including New York are softening their stance on gambling on sports Kezirian is able to share his insight on multiple platforms. If you're looking for knowledge about how to bet, …
Prop Bets To Prepare You For The 2020 NFL Season
In the now-famous words of Michael Jordan, I have a "Competition Problem". So the fact that the NFL kicks off this Thursday has me chomping at the bit to make some wagers. Not sure when Rivers Casino and Sportsbook will be open but for fun here's a whole bunch of Prop bets to give an …
NFL Draft Day 2 Prop Bets
Day one of the 2020 NFL Draft went about as smoothly as you could hope from a technical aspect. The actual picks versus projections on the other hand went crazy. Will the second round of the draft be more predictable or more whacky picks. Below are the odds on everything from who will be picked to w…
NFL Draft Prop Bets
With almost nothing else going on in the world of sports people are betting more and more on the NFL Draft. You can use the following Prop Bets online (where legal) or even set up a prop sheet between you and your friends for some at home fun.
A Proper Amount Of NFL Prop Bets
The NFL Season is almost here and since we can legally wager this season I thought I would share some fun prop bets. Thanks to here are a bunch of random team and position based prop bets.
Super Bowl Prop Bets
Every year the odds makers in Las Vegas make a laundry list of "Prop bets". So you can bet on everything from the length of the National Anthem to the color of Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach.
Cady’s Corner – February 11, 2012 Edition [AUDIO]
Every Saturday morning, Brian Cady takes over the airwaves from 10-11am covering all of the big stories in the sports world. From the diamond to the gridiron, the hardwood to the ice rink, Brian leaves no stone unturned in his analysis. And once in a while, he helps you make some money with his pick…