Doug Kezirian has been covering Sports Wagering longer than most of us were able to take part. Now that many states including New York are softening their stance on gambling on sports Kezirian is able to share his insight on multiple platforms. If you're looking for knowledge about how to bet, who to bet on or even who to avoid you should be watching "Daily Wager" on ESPN and ESPN + and listen to the "Behind the Bets Podcast." Doug called in to share his strategy and few prop bets he thinks have good value this Sunday.

Anyone that's listened to the Behind the Bets podcast knows that Kezirian likes to bet the first half and live bet games. He explains why that's where he feels strongest about giving himself and us a chance to cash in. There's a form of science to wagering where you look at what risks you're willing to take and what one's you should pass on. The live betting appeals to many because as the game unfolds there might be an over correction or two that you can bet that gives you a chance to win while seeing how the game is really playing out. Doug Kezirian spent 10 plus minutes with Levack and Charlie and during that time gave out many bets. Listen to the full interview below.

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