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Mets Fans Prepare for More of the Same
The very last hope of salvation from a future that involves Sandy Alderson said "no" to the New York Mets today. As reported by Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News and guest on The Drive with Charlie & Dan today, Mets owner Steve Cohen met with the free agent baseball executive star via Zoom this morning and quickly decided that the situation was not a match.
Wait 'til Next Year New York Mets Fans...Or Not
As New York Yankee fans across the state celebrate their last second playoff birth into Tuesday's Wild Card game against the Boston Red Sox that can be heard on the home of Yankee baseball, 104.5 FM WTMM. The unfortunate thing is that Met fans have choked on that last sentence numerous times before. I know. Few things change in the world of Mets fans in October. Yes, the Amazin's have had seven playoff runs with two World Series rings in their 60 year history but the Yankees have won 8 World Championships in that time period and gone to the 29 times.
Yankees & Red Sox: More Alike Than You Think
For years, Yankee fans have dealt with vehement attacks from sports fans everywhere, alleging that their organizational philosophy was somehow unfair, immoral or otherwise faulty.  As though doing everything you can to win a title is criminal.  Well the plot has thickened, as the loudest voice of opposition to the Yankee way of life has joined the their ranks.  The Sox are now a big-money team. Re
Buck Rips Jeter, Red Sox
The 2011 baseball season hasn't even started yet and we've already got some great drama brewing. In a recent magazine interview, Orioles manager Buck Showalter talked smack about Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Boston General Manager Theo Epstein. And you know what?  Buck was right!