This week  the Boston Red Sox lost a valuable asset in GM Theo Epstein when he made the move from Boston to Chicago.  Sox owner John Henry said he did everything that he could in order to keep Theo around.


Theo Epstein has come to an agreement with the Chicago Cubs for 5 years that will be worth somewhere around $15 million to $20 million when all is said and done.  The biggest problem right now is that the Cubs have to offer some sort of compensation to the Red Sox because Epstein still had 1 year left on his contract with Boston.

According to ESPN Boston the compensation is just one of the obstacles in the way of Epstein officially landing with the Cubs.  The Red Sox are also making sure that Epstein doesn't take any of his top aides with him either.   Owner John Henry said that there is a certain shelf life to working in that position with the Red Sox.

The fact is that being general manager in Boston, being manager in Boston, is a terrifically tough job.

-John Henry

Henry would go on to say that Theo never really saw himself in the GM position for more than 10 years.  If the Red Sox and Cubs come to an agreement then it is expected that Ben Cherington will take over as Boston's GM.  Cherington is currently the Red Sox assistant GM and would be heading into a tough situation given the Red Sox massive September collapse and the issues surrounding the club house trouble.

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