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Is Tim Tebow Returning To The NFL?
Tim Tebow hasn't been in the NFL in a year and to me that's a shame. So imagine my surprise when the Philadelphia Eagles invited Tebow in for a workout. Turns out the Eagles have passed for now but I think the league is FAR more entertaining with Tebow...
No Contract
In T-Mobile's Super Bowl 2014 ad, Tim Tebow proves that he can still amaze his fans without having a contract or his signature pose.
Tebow to Return?
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Tim Tebow says he is not done with the NFL even though helping ESPN launch the SEC Network was too good an opportunity to pass up. The 26-year-old Tebow repeatedly stressed Tuesday he will continue training in hopes of returning to the NFL as a quarterback...
Tebow's New Job
Tim Tebow has a job! Not as a quarterback, but don't worry, the WorldWide Leader is still going to be able to broadcast the former Heisman winner all that they want. The SEC Network, debuting in August, will have Tebow on the SEC Nation pre-game show that will be LIVE on a different SEC campus each weekend...
League Leader?
The New England Patriots raised eyebrows when they signed Tim Tebow after he was cast aside by the archrival New York Jets.
Tebow A Patriot
Guess who's back, back again? Tebow's back... in the news! Okay, forgive my attempt to quote an Eminem song, but you get the point - Ed Werder of ESPN has reported that Tim Tebow is signing with the New England Patriots and is expected to report to mini-camp on Tuesday.
Garrard Hangs 'Em Up
Well you can always count on the Jets to keep things interesting, whether they are playing games or enjoying the Summer. Most of the Jets QB issues have been self imposed. Giving Mark Sanchez a contract extension for no reason except to sooth his feelings after a slight and failed  pursuit of then free agent Peyton Manning...
Where's The Beef?
Ok the 1st wise guy or guys in this case have checked in. Tim Tebow has been offered a contract to continue his football career- With the Omaha Beef of the Indoor Football League. Somehow though I am thinking after hearing the financial terms Tebow will decline the offer ( Not enough fat)...

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