So, did this guy lose a bet? Or just have an odd fascination with Tim Tebow?

Either way, Tim Tebow winding up in hockey would definitely excite ESPN, wouldn't it? Imagine if he can't make it in the NFL and drops the football for a hockey stick?

None-the-less, Tebow's short and unsuccessful stint with the Jets wasn't enough to merit a New York fan to customize his hockey jersey with Tebow's name on the back of it.

Crazy customized jerseys a lot of times can be the best, but this one's got to be the worst.

Plus, Tebow is currently with the Philadelphia Eagles. It's bad form as a New York sports fan to be supporting anything from Philly.

What a strange jersey and it was a strange night for the Rangers at Madison Square Garden on Sunday as the team got blanked by the Lightning, 2-0, to go down in the series, 3-2.