World Series Odds

What Are The Yankees’ Odds To Win The 2020 World Series?
It is FAR too early and borderline stupid to try and figure out who will win the 2020 World Series...but I'm gonna do it anyway. The New York Yankees fell short of even representing the American League in the Fall Classic this year but are still looked at as a top team in baseball. How many tea…
What Teams Are Worth Betting To Win The World Series?
With the Wild Cards games just a day away it's time to start looking at the possible returns on betting teams to win the World Series. Below is the odds for each team that's made it through 162 regular season games and advanced to the Post Season.
The Yankees Are Favorites To Win It All In 2019
I just told you my "Five Reasons The Yankees Will Win the World Series" and Las Vegas agrees. The Yankees were a top three team last season and potentially improved this year so Vegas odds makers BetOnline has set the Yankees as a 6/1 favorite just over the Red Sox and Astros at 7/1.