With the Wild Cards games just a day away it's time to start looking at the possible returns on betting teams to win the World Series. Below is the odds for each team that's made it through 162 regular season games and advanced to the Post Season.

Thanks to BetOnline.ag here are the odds for the Wild Card Games, AL and NL Pennants and the World Series itself.

MLB Odds

Odds to Win the World Series

Houston Astros                         9/4

Los Angeles Dodgers                3/1

New York Yankees                    4/1

Atlanta Braves                           10/1

St. Louis Cardinals                    10/1

Washington Nationals                14/1

Minnesota Twins                        16/1

Oakland Athletics                      16/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    20/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       25/1


Odds to Win National League

Los Angeles Dodgers                1/1

Atlanta Braves                           4/1

St. Louis Cardinals                    4/1

Washington Nationals                7/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    10/1

Odds to Win American League

Houston Astros                         1/1

New York Yankees                    9/4

Minnesota Twins                        8/1

Oakland Athletics                      8/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       12/1

Wild Card Lines

National League Wild Card

Milwaukee Brewers                    +170     (17/10)

Washington Nationals                -180     (5/9)

American League Wild Card

Tampa Bay Rays                       +135     (27/20)

Oakland Athletics                      -145     (20/29)

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