They have broken ground to start building the fourth Druthers Brewing Company location in the Capital Region. Located in Clifton Park, it will be the second in Saratoga County.

The 5-acre space is near Clifton Park Center by the old Toys R Us and the Staples on the corner of Maxwell Drive and Southside.

Google Maps
Chrissy Cavotta

There are some cool computer-generated photos that illustrate what the Clifton Park Druthers Brewing Company will look like. It looks absolutely stunning and looks nothing like their other three locations.

The Clifton Park Druthers Brewing Company will be housed under an eleven thousand seven hundred square foot building with a ninety-three hundred square foot restaurant space.

It will hold two hundred thirty-nine seats, an outdoor covered patio area of eight hundred square feet with forty-eight seats, and an enclosed patio with one hundred seats.
They are also building an outdoor bar pavilion of twenty-three hundred square feet. Along with outside space with one hundred seats and forty-thousand square feet designated for live events.

These are just renderings of the outside space and the building that will be the Clifton Park Druthers Brewing Company. I am hoping they give us a look into what the inside will look like. Based on the outside, I am willing to bet that the building on the inside will be absolutely awesome. I'm looking forward to raising a pint when it opens.

According to the Druthers Brewing Company Facebook pages, they have broken ground and look forward to opening in the summer of 2022.

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